Marta Negre, 2023

New video capsule about the need for error
in refracted contemporaneity,
where technologies are increasingly alive
and human beings, more inert.

Error, inseparable from the concept of “truth”
according to philosophical thought,
will be necessary to keep moving forward.

As well as the “light”, long associated
with the concept of truth,
will make us question the obtundation
and surrender produced by the brightness
of the screens.

12/01/2024 – 25/02/2024
Solo exhibition
CCMZ Centre Cultural Melchor Zapata, Benicàssim

Marta Negre, 2022
Video capsule about narcissistic-depressive subjects,
the transition from physical body to data body
and the drift of digital love.
Welcome to the black hole of your data.
Welcome to BIG_LOVE_DATA.


22/06/2023 – 16/09/2023
Group exhibition
ECO Les Aules Castelló 

Group exhibition – Cultura online
CCCC Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània. Valencia 

Adquisició Fons Artístic Diputació de Castelló (selected)
CMCV Cultura Online (selected)

24/02/2022 – 22/3/2023
Group exhibition – Premi Senyera d’Arts Visuals 2022
Drassanes del Grau de València (selected)

28/10/2022 – 20/11/2022
Group exhibition – IX Premio Mardel Artes Visuales
CCCC Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània. Valencia (selected)

Solo exhibition –  Festival 10 sentidos
Estación del Norte. València